Penile Health: What you need to know about it?

Why is Penile Health very Important?

Penile health isn’t just about the ability of men to reproduce or having sex and ejaculate, It goes beyond that, having penis or penile health problem can be quite stressful and sometime may lead to depression. It may also lead to very low self esteem and can cause relationship problems.  You should know the early signs of it and learn how protect it.

What are the conditions Affecting It?

There are many conditions affecting the health of our penis, and some of this can be serious if not early detected which may lead to affecting sexual functions, sexual activity, and will even endanger our health, some conditions are the following:

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is the inability to have erection, longer erection and keep a frim erection. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you need to know about some effective treatments. Erection problem is a very private problem that many men feel ashamed or embarrassed to discuss.

Unfortunately, most men don’t seek help for this problem because they feel that they’re just alone with their suffering. However, there are many resources available today to help those men get better. It’s important to remember that the majority of men will experience erectile problems at some point in their lives. Many men think that if they can simply stop their ejaculations for a few weeks that the problem will go away. This isn’t true and it can actually cause more problems than it fixes. So when you’re faced with an erection-related issue, try to find an easy and effective way to treat it.

Early Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is often confused with early ejaculation. The only difference between the two is that premature ejaculation is a condition where ejaculating prematurely after intercourse has been achieved. As opposed to that, early ejaculation refers to a condition wherein there is no ejaculatory response after sex. Both of these conditions are caused by physical and emotional stress, which is a part of all relationships.

The key symptom of early ejaculation is the inability to prolong ejaculation beyond a few seconds after intercourse. But if this happens in all sexual activities, the condition may also be acquired (secondary) through sexual inexperience.

Male Anorgasmia

Male Anorgasmia is the inability to achieve orgasm during sexual stimulation due to a continuous or recurrent trouble obtaining orgasm. It can happen during sexual intercourse or masturbation, and it’s a common source of personal distress.

Decrease or Loss of Libido

Loss or libido or sex drive are most common of older men, this can also be experience by younger men especially when on stress, having relationship issues, but it can be a sign also of underlying health problems like very low hormone levels. This can type of penile health problem can be treated easily if the underlying cause can be identified.

Peyronie’s Disease

It is a Penile Health problem which causes scar tissue, which results in a curvature or bent formation of a penis. This can also cause erectile dysfunction. Peyronie’s Disease is a condition that is associated with the penis of men. The medical term for Peyronie’s ‘penile plaque.’ This condition occurs when fatty deposits that are made inside of the penis over time begin to harden. Peyronie’s can cause extreme discomfort and can even lead to impotence in some men. Phallosan Forte is a device designed to help pix a curvature penis. read more here…

Sexually Transmitted Infections

STI includes chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis. genital warts, genital herpes, pubic lice, scabies, syphilis. This infection or STI can be transmitted when having sex with someone that has this type of infections. This can be transmitted from person to person thru sexual intercourse or even from skin to skin contact.

Yeast Infection

Although this conditions are common to women but men can also get this type of penile problem which is called “Balanitis” – the inflammation of the penis head, which is caused by fungus called (candida” that normally present on penile skin especially on moist part. This can be treated by Antifungal cream which is available over the counter, you can apply it easily until the the symptoms is gone.

Penile fracture

A tear or rapture of sides of “tunica albuginea”  which is a rubbery sheath part of skin oy your penis that allows a longer and and harder erection its found below or lower skin of the penis which is sometimes are raptured. This is a rare and alarming injury or conditions may happen during sex. this rapture is not literally a bone rapture because our penis has no bone but its a skin rapture or tissue tear.


This a the condition of penis skin where it cannot be retracted or pulled back, the skin forms a light ring on the tip of your penis. In most men this is not a serious penis condition, and does not require any treatment. But it is will not heal or improve on its own. It is not recommended also that you force it or pull it back, It can be painful and may cause tear on skin and bleeding.  If you wish this condition will not get worse we advise that you get a medical advice on how to deal with it.


Priapism is a prolonged or longer erection of a penis even after sexual excitement or stimulation. It may sound good because of the “prolonged” or “longer erection” right? but this is a uncommon penile condition and this can be painful and it may require medical attention at some point. Prolonged erection can damaged our penis and can cause a permanent problem in getting an erection again.


this condition is common to uncircumcised male, where the foreskin of the penis are pulled back and stuck behind the tip of the penis. This may cause swollen and fluid build up and the foreskin will unable to return to its original. this Paraphimosis may go away on its own but if you feel that swelling is feting we suggest that you seek medical help or perhaps visit a urologist that is near your area.

Penile Cancer

Penile cancer is perhaps the most common form of malignant cancer in the male genital system. In fact, around 80 percent of all cases of prostate cancer are caused by penile carcinoma. These cancers can affect any man and can affect both sexes equally. The difference between male and female forms of cancer that are caused by penile carcinoma is the location of the cancer within the body.