About Us

Who are we and what is our concern?

Stress at work, in a relationship, in everyday life, pressure to perform, having to perform – the psychological stress often does not leave you without a trace. Even if those affected are originally suffering from an organically caused erectile dysfunction, the stress in many cases leads to psychological sequelae. As sufferers, we want to achieve one thing above all else: Attention to the topic and get those affected to speak openly about your illness, because since erectile dysfunction can also be the harbinger of a serious illness, communication with a specialist should not be postponed due to a false sense of shame.


The information and content on this page have been carefully compiled and are provided for general information – they never replace a conversation with or, even if only online, a visit to a specialist. No remote diagnoses and therapy suggestions are made on this page. We would like to point out that the information on this website cannot in any way replace personal advice from a doctor or qualified medical staff. Since the objectivity and overall the topic of education in erectile dysfunction is a matter close to our hearts, we do not receive any consideration for the published information.


Every year we start a survey among the visitors to this website and use the answers to create the “Penile Health Report”.