Phallosan Forte Reviews: Does this penis extender work? Are the results permanent?

What is Phallosan Forte?

Phallosan Forte is a device designed for penis enlargement. It also works to cure all types of penile curvature and erectile dysfunction caused by medical or psychological issues. You can get the penis size and length you’ve always desired by using the device on a regular basis.

Phallosan forte results

It is a device that delivers results thanks to its innovative manufacturer and vacuum driven technology. Its medical-grade materials make it safe to use, and its comfort features make it comfortable to wear experience. Phallosan Forte, according to clinical studies, can:

  • Increase the penis’s length.
  • Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature must be corrected.
  • Prevent urological surgery side effects.
  • Boost the quality of your erections
  • Increase your self-esteem by increasing your size.

This is your ticket to a bigger penis because of its clever design, which allows customers to see results quickly. This penis extension device is a high-quality equipment with body comfort features for long-term use and is produced from high-end medical grade materials. Everything you need to increase the size of your penis is included in the methods.

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How does it work?

Phallosan Forte works by gently stretching and stimulating the cells in the penis tissue on a regular basis. The gadget creates a near-inaudible vacuum chamber that operates throughout the whole length of your penis muscles. Because the penis pump is intended to be used a lot for a long time, you may leave it in place for up to 12 hours with no discomfort.

It is a penis enlargement device manufactured by Phallosan, a men’s health medical firm. It employs traction to stretch your dick safely with effectiveness, which will encourage growth and cell regeneration if used regularly over time. It can also be used to treat Peyronie’s disease (penis curvature) and size and potency loss caused by prostate surgery.

The Phallosan Forte system was developed using the company’s 14 years of industry expertise to create a penile enlargement system with characteristics that deliver the results you desire. These characteristics include:

Increasing Pressure

When depressurization happens, the design elements of Phallosan Forte allow you to re engage pressure. By reactivating the pressure, you’ll ensure that the device delivers a continuous tension force, which will help you get the best results. Negative pressure will be used to produce and manage stretching using the equipment. The system has a three-way valve that uses an integrated suction pump to generate the necessary amount of pressure.

Sizing Options

When you purchase the product, you will receive a condom sleeve with a bell in sizes small, medium, and large. Choose one based on the size of your glans. Your glans will have enough room to develop and expand thanks to the three size options. We make the bells out of an indestructible material that is also allergen-free.

Safe Materials

Individual parts utilized are constructed of safe materials to safeguard your health. The condom sleeve, for example, is made of medical-grade silicone since latex can cause allergic responses in people’s skin if they are exposed to it on a regular basis. The producer has also used non-allergenic materials for the protective cap. The silicone foam ring and the orthopedic stretching belt are also composed of medical-grade materials.

Protection Elements

The protection cap guards your glans from the vacuum power, in addition to the extender’s skin-friendly protecting components. This aspect of the system also enables quick and simple changes to the proposed configuration. The belt element of the kit has an ergonomic design to support your back and hips when wearing the extender.

Stretching Technology

The Phallosan Forte system employs the same idea utilized by surgeons today to do skin grafts to increase the size of your dick. The stretching motion is created by the orthopedic belt, and the tension is controlled by the regulated pull system. When you connect the system to your penis, it will apply modest pressure to the external tissue. This promotes the development of the muscles and ligament that connects your penis to your penile tissues which creates cell division which is called Mitosis. Longevity and girth will grow if this pressure is applied repeatedly over a long period of time.

Traction Force

The stretching movement is triggered by the penis traction device. Penis extension functions because they impart a minimal amount of traction to the shaft of your dick. Phallosan Forte is designed to provide up to 3kg of traction, and it is critical to use the system regularly and regularly to achieve immediate effects. Every day, our recommendations is to use Phallosan for a longer duration, at least six to eight hours. If you wear it for a longer period of time, you will almost certainly see faster benefits. It is safe and comfortable to use the system for up to 12 hours each day and can be worn anywhere unnoticed.


Even better results in less time – you may attain your goals even faster with this app. The PHALLOSAN forte App creates a personalized training plan for you based on your unique requirements and training goals.

During training program, the app will be your constant companion. It keeps track of your training times, the length of your sessions, and the regularity with which you exercise. Clear data rapidly demonstrate your progress and motivate you to continue training. You will also receive important tips and techniques, as well as news, offers, and support phone numbers in case you require assistance. Watch this video about the app and get some points on how use it and what are the benefits of it:

Install the PHALLOSAN forte App on your device from the App Store of your choice. The advantages of these App is it compatible with Android (e.g. Samsung Galaxy) and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch) smartphone and tablets.

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Peyronie’s Disease and Penile Curvature Correction

Peyronie’s Disease and congenital curvature are the two kinds of penile curvature. Peyronie’s Disease usually starts after a slight injury to the penis or after a particularly harsh intercourse. Congenital curvature is a problem that is present from birth, and as patients are aware, when a penis is curved, it can affect functioning.

According to Mayo Clinic estimates, roughly 5% of men have substantial penile curvature that affects intercourse. Because it is non-invasive and safe, penile traction therapy is the finest first-line treatment available today. Surgery is usually recommended as a last resort by urologists, but it comes with potential adverse effects and a lengthy recovery period.

Phallosan Forte Price

The manufacture of the product has recently updated the cost of the product, and they are now shouldering the shipping cost of it unlike before that you be charged of the shipping fee on top of the price is 379.00 USD with free shipping and 2 years warranty on all parts and accessories excluding vacuum condoms and protector caps. The original cost of the product before was $339 plus shipping which varies depending on your region.

Phallosan forte Price
Product Phallosan forte
Price $379
Shipping No Shipping Fee

Another bonus If you order today you will get extra 4 sleeve condoms (which is worth more than $100) to the package and saves you money. If you want to see a faster result you should get the combination of original and Phallosan Plus device which will only cost you $120 or with a total of $499 with no additional shipping fee.

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What’s inside the package?

You might be wondering on what do I receive or what inside the box when i buy this device, here are the list of items that you will be getting:

Elastic belt

Elastic belt

The belt to be worn on the waist area is a non-allergenic formaldehyde free made material. The ring is also made of silicone that is a non-allergenic foam. It is also very elastic and can be used by plus sizes as well.
Suction bell

Suction bell

The suction bell that you will receive will have 3 sizes that you can choose from (S, M, and L) it will depend on the size of your glans. It is also made of material that is allergen free.
Protector cap

Protector cap

The glans are protected by the protective cap from a severe suction. It’s constructed of a hypoallergenic material that’s also incredibly stretchy. The protector cap enables a quick adjustment to the recommended setting.
Tension clip

Tension clip

The orthopedic stretching belt’s power is transferred to the suction bell through the tension clip. It has a pull mechanism that is calibrated. The traffic light system (green, yellow and red) is an indication showing the recommended level setting for the belt and aids in getting you results even faster.
Suction ball

Suction ball

PHALLOSAN forte enables you to increase the pressure in case of a loss in pressure. We created a three-way valve that enables modifications while the PHALLOSAN is in operation. There is no need for a separate pumping ball or tube because everything is integrated. On the suction, noticeable rises were included to make it possible to control the pressure without having to remove the bell (for example at night).
Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual

The device manual is the detailed instruction or guide on how to use the device and other information that may be needed during the process or the period using the product.
Measuring Template

Measuring Template

Is used in measuring the glans and what the correct size of the suction bell that you will be using. It comes with 3 sizes (Small, Medium and Large)
Travel Bag

Travel Bag

Can be used during travel and you want to bring the device with, the color of the bag usually is clean white with just a logo design that people may think of it as a simple favorite gadget that you want to bring during your travel.

Phallosan forte Results – Before And After

Following the debut in 1999, a head physician at a German urology healthcare center undertook a clinical investigation of our penile augmentation technology (details below). He did so to investigate if Phallosan could modify the length of a penis significantly. The study results were good and promising.

The clinic had originally chosen 26 bodies or patients who were interested in taking part in the trial. The youngest competitor was 20 and the oldest was 68 years old. Two of the study’s original participants dropped out. The study team excluded their data from the analysis since they did not establish the original baseline measurements, bringing the total number of participants to 24. The researchers looked at erection, sexual pleasure, and sensitivity alterations in addition to size alterations.

Increases in Length

Dr. Sohn chose to measure the length of the penises when they were erect in order to better understand Phallosan Forte results. His team went through the same testing procedure. The penises were measured at the start of the trial, three months later, and then again after six months. The average penis growth of the 24 test subjects was substantially longer after three months of wearing our extender than the data obtained by doctors at the start of the experiment. After six months, researchers discovered that the average erect length was once again higher than it had been at three months.

Increases in Girth

The researchers reviews also measured the circumference of the penis. The first measurement was taken at the beginning of the trial, and the second was taken after the individuals had used Phallosan Forte for three months. At the six-month milestone, the last measurement was taken. After three months, the average girth of the test patients was considerably higher than it had been at the outset of the research.

The average girth observed for all test patients was higher than the figure reported by doctors after three months after the subjects had used Phallosan for six months.

One interesting finding from the girth research was the increase in the breadth category. This is especially encouraging because the patient’s gains are uniformly distributed over the whole penis, resulting in a proportionate rise in size in the conclusion.

Correcting Curvature

When the trial began, the researchers saw that one of the participants had a curved penis, so they decided to look into Phallosan’s ability to straighten it out. This participant’s penis exhibited substantial curvature at the start of the trial. The curvature of our penis has dramatically lessened after six months of utilizing our penile extender.

Daily Wear Time

The researchers kept track of how long the individuals wore Phallosan. They discovered that the shortest amount of time spent wearing them was two hours each day. The highest length of time allowed was 10 hours per day, thus the study’s subjects wore the penis extender for an average of six hours each day to get the findings. There were even testimonials shown on their official website that says that wearing the device for a longer period feels less pain or nothing at all and even unnoticeable wearing under their clothes 

Phallosan Forte Results After 3 months After 6 months
Increase in Flaccid size  Increase by 1,38 inches or (3,5cm) Increase by 1,93 inches or (4,9cm)
Increase in erect size increase 1,5 inches or (3,8cm) increase by 1,89 inches or  (4,8cm)
increase in Girth increase by 0,55 inches or (1,4cm) increase by 0,98 inches or (2,5cm)

Note : all of this figures are taken from the official website of Phallosan forte and Source: Clinical study PHALLOSAN – Author: Dr. Clemens Tilke

In principle all results in size increase shown can still improve more if you wear it more than 6 months and these are permanent. Although the results of the application can possibly differ for every individual using the device and could not be guaranteed.

What is Phallosan Forte Plus?

The Phallosan Forte Plus+ is a new bundle that includes the original device system plus an attachment that works in unison with the device to provide quicker results. It can be used to:

  • Penis length and girth should be increased.
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment
  • Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature should be treated.

Benefits of Phallosan Plus

Traditional penis extenders with a noose or strap have been around for a long time. A loop of some kind is inserted around the glans with these devices. The loop mechanism has one disadvantage: it can be unpleasant. It may bruise your penis and, over time, will gradually cut off blood supplements.

With the device systems, we’ve worked hard to prevent these problems. We employ a vacuum protector system instead of a noose or strap because it is effective without being destructive or uncomfortable to wear.

The makers of Phallosan Forte, Swiss Sana, collaborated with renowned urologists and patients to create a high-quality medication with a high patient satisfaction rate due to its degree of comfort.

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How do you wear it properly?

Here are the easy steps on how to better use this device in order to achieve the desired result:

  1. The first thing you do before using Phallosan forte is to determine the right bell size with the measuring template. 
  2. In Adjusting the correct size you have the drawbar removed and do the rotating of the valve to the arrow symbol.
  3. Also remove the sleeve condom and suction bell device.
  4. Then take the bell so that it will fit and adapt with the suction device. The drawbar must be fastened once the sleeve condom is put over the bell’s bead. then it will be ready for use.
  5. You must remove the protector cap, this will protect your glands in excess of the suction pressure.
  6. Using your thumb and index finger, pull the protector cap apart and place it over the glans to make sure that it fits snugly.
  7. Hold on to the condom and wrap it up to the bell’s edge, drawing it behind the bead. Roll the condom down as far as possible.
  8. Make the green valve turn up to the pump symbol and then have the suction pump activated. you will notice after that the glans will be drawn further into the bell and the sleeve condoms comfortably mold itself to your penis shaft.
  9. To maintain the micro-vacuum you must set the green valve to the locking assemble
  10. Push the foam ring to the suction cup or bell up to the end of the penis shaft with the belt, then wrap the belt over your hips. Then, using the push buckle, connect the two eyelets and tighten the belt.

You can wear the device during sleep at you bedroom as the blood circulation will at no time be restricted or wear on during your daily business routine, people around will not notice that you are wearing it inside your pants.

Phallosan forte Amazon or eBay?

Actually many people who are looking for the device are searching in the web with terms “Phallosan Forte amazon” or “Phallosan forte eBay“, hoping that they could find a cheaper price, considering the price from the manufacturer is not cheap, as an advice, if you really want be sure that what you are buying is the authentic one, We suggest that you buy it directly form the manufacturer’s website which is mentioned in this article. In that way you also get to talk to their customer service regarding the product plus a guaranteed return policy if there is something wrong with the device.

Where can I buy Phallosan forte?

Nowadays there are dozens of online shops that are selling PHALLOSAN forte and other penis enlargement products on their platform, some of them are selling it at a lower prices and even guarantees durability, it is even sold to the leading online or internet market like Amazon and eBay. But the truth is the manufacturer of this device only sells at their official website @

There is always a risk in buying it outside their website, you might get a fake product or some of it are already used products and lose your money. It is highly recommended that you get on their official website so that you will be sure that you get the genuine device, plus they offer a 2 weeks return period if you feel that you don’t like the actual product with the perks of talking directly to their customer support if you have more questions about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you wear It?

The longer you use our gadget, the more quickly you’ll see benefits. We recommend wearing it for 4 hours every day for the first week to familiarize yourself with it. As your confidence grows, you can work up to the suggested 10 hours each day. This may be divided up depending on your schedule, so you may do a few hours in the morning, then another in the evening, and the remainder while you sleep. Phallosan Forte should be used for 6 to 8 months for optimal effects.

How long does the results take?

Many users claim that if you take Phallosan Forte for at least six to eight hours each day, you may notice consistent results within the first few months — after over a year of use, users have claimed gains of one to three inches in length, as well as significant girth increases.

Is the delivery discreet or confidential?

Yes. We recognize that due to the nature of the goods, you will most likely not want other people or your neighbors to know what you have bought. Your privacy is extremely important to us, thus the packaging are shipped in a simple white box. On the package, there is no wording or graphic that would indicate what the contents are.

Are there other alternative extenders or enlargement device?

Yes. there is the SizeGenetics that has a confusing parts and takes time to see noticeable result or improvement, the Penimaster Pro which comes also with different variants that you will to choose whichever best for you, And also the Quick Extender Pro which is also a penis enlargement device that has a different approach. Bathmate products are also considered

Can I wear it while sleeping?

Yes. Due to movement and nighttime erections, traditional penile extenders will slip off at night. Phallosan Forte’s unusual shape allows it to be worn to the side and allows for mobility, making it ideal for sleeping. Our technology simply increases with the size of your penis, so erections can happen at any time of day or night.

What are the side effects of using this penis extender?

No, as long as it is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Our product won’t make you impotent or impair your erections; in fact, you’ll notice that it improves blood flow, which leads increase in libido and harder erection. The usage of our technology has resulted in an increase in sex drive in several patients.