Premature ejaculation

What is Premature or Early Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation happens when you ejaculate earlier than what is expected from your partner or the average time of ejaculation. They say if you ejaculate less than a minute every time you have sexual intercourse with your partner, it means you are having early ejaculation.
But if it’s not frequently happening, then there should be less concern about it.

How Does Ejaculation Work?

In order to ejaculate you need first to have an erection. Erection happen when part of your brian send signal to your body which is called a feeling of arousal. And then you get sexually stimulated which sends reflex actions controlled by our central nervous system, then it triggers when sensual emotion reaches its critical level called climax.

Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Premature ejaculation is often mistaken as ED but there is a difference between the two. PE is having a regular erection but ejaculates fast or early that the normal while erectile dysfunction is the inability to hold a longer erection and does not ejaculate. They can be related in some factors but mostly they are two different penile health problems that need different approaches when it comes to treatment.

What are the causes and Risk Factors?

They say the main cause of this penile problem is not really known but it is observed that it is mostly connected to psychological and biological factors. Here are some Psychological factors to be considered:

  • Feeling of Depression
  • Could have an early sexual experiences
  • Maybe have encounter a form Sexual abuse
  • Having less physically fit body
  • Relationship problem
  • Having Anxiety
  • Too much thinking about premature ejaculation
  • The feeling of being guilty that tends to rush on during sexual encounters.

Biological causes of premature ejaculation

  • Hormonal imbalance or abnormal levels of hormones
  • Brain chemicals called neurotransmitters are at a abnormal level
  • Prostate or urethra Inflammation and infection
  • Some of this traits are inherited

In some cases some men are anxious about maintaining a longer erection during sexual encounters which create a pattern of early ejaculation, which is mostly very difficult to change. Some men are also concerned about how well they perform during their intercouse which leads them to too much excitement.

Final Thoughts

If you feel that this type of penile health problem is already affecting yourself as a person or your daily activities it is best that you go and see a doctor or have a counselling session maybe all of this are just psychological factors that are affecting your sexual life. This type problem can affect your self esteem and may lead to depression.


How can I cure early ejaculation?

Some of the common treatment options for premature ejaculation includes behavioral techniques, topical anesthetics, medications and counseling. We should bear in mind that this might take some time to find the right combination of treatments that will work or be effective for you. Some say that behavioral treatment with drug therapy might very effective

How long should a man last before ejaculation?

The normal average ejaculation should be in between 5 to 6 minute, lesser that could be considered an early ejaculation, but if it just happens seldom for the reason that you were just so excited and aroused on your sexual intercourse then it is considered an isolated.

How do you prevent quick ejaculation?

Most men are helped by behavioral techniques that help control ejaculation. You should start to teach your mind or stop thinking too much during sexual interaction, don’t be too conscious about how long will your sex last, just enjoy it and try some other techniques that would make your partner joy more the moment. And always think that sex is an interaction with your partner it not just you having pleasure and being aroused anytime you want.